Ashes Scattered in Space


Scatter your loved one’s ashes in space

Send your loved one on a breathtaking final journey to be scattered at the edge of space. This unique space burial service carries their ashes in a bespoke vessel to 100,000 feet above the Earth, where they are released in a beautiful cascade into the stratospheric winds which encircle the globe. Here they will travel for many months, spreading out across the planet, ultimately returning to Earth in rainfall or snowflakes in undetectable traces.

The journey is filmed by two on-board cameras, with the footage transformed into a personalised memorial video featuring photos and video clips of your loved one and set to music of your choice. All are welcome to attend the launch ceremony, either in person at their beautiful launch site in Sheffield, or remotely via video link.

Priced at £2450, this service is completely environmentally friendly, using renewable hydrogen to provide lift force, custom-manufactured balloons made of nontoxic, undyed, biodegradable latex (99% of which is recovered) and scattering your loved one’s ashes so widely that they will be undetectable at point of landing.



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