Ashes into Rockets:- Self-fire fireworks


Ashes into Rockets:

Self-fire fireworks are made to a design by pyrotechnic experts who create stunning and vivid colours including gold willow, blue peony, crackling flower, and purple coconut.

These rockets are large, each rocket is approximately 150mm / 5ft

These memorial fireworks  will shoot ashes into the air over 100 feet producing a large burst to give your loved one a truly spectacular send-off.

If you want to see what they look like have a look at this video – Self Fire Rockets Video

Each rocket is designed to carry 50 grams of your loved one’s ashes (200g in total). The pack includes 4 rockets, 4 launch tubes, goggles and portfires for lighting, as well as a safety guide and a certificate of authenticity. Cost includes 4 rockets (minimum of 4 rockets per order, additional rockets are prices at £90 each).

The fireworks are made by highly trained and experienced pyrotechnic professionals who treat your loved one’s ashes with the utmost dignity and respect.  At all times during the process from the receipt of ashes to the final sealing of the firework, a stringent control and logging process is observed.

There is a tribute label on each rocket which can have a personal message added if you wish – around 25 words. Traditionally it says “In loving memory of ………” but it could have an inspirational quote, poem, nickname or even something funny that was personal to your loved ones, a vicar once requested ” Twice on Sundays”.

Please note the return delivery costs are included in the price of the rockets.

If you purchase the Ashes Rockets we will send you a pack that has everything you need to send 200g of your loved one’s ashes directly to the firework manufacturer.

Please note we can only despatch to addresses within mainland UK and allow 12-15 working days from receipt of ashes for delivery.  

Putting Ashes into rockets makes life’s 4th Ceremony go with a real bang a truly celebratory way to mark life well lived. The advantage of having a pack such as this, over an organised display, is that they are truly portable so you have the flexibility to have the ceremony at a time and place of your choosing.

If you are looking for a firework display that can incorporate all of your loved one’s ashes please check our memorial firework display page.


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